Louisiana Gold History

Louisiana Gold is our premium pepper sauce brand and is made with tabasco peppers and other fine peppers. It is a rich, yet smooth pepper sauce blend with a peppy taste that is aged to perfection. Even with a smooth aftertaste, one can taste the tabasco pepper. Yet, it is does not possess the overpowering, vinegary taste of some our competitors.

Louisiana style hot sauces were first introduced to the public with Cajun cooking, which is world famous for its unique taste and delicious flavor, and one of the truly unique indigenous cooking styles to the United States. Common in most Cajun recipes is a hot sauce of some kind.

To this end, two types of hot sauces emerged. The first type is commonly called 'pepper sauce' and generally refers to sauces made from aged tabasco peppers. Tabasco peppers are more abrasive, are noted for a stronger heat level, and are one of the hottest pepper varieties grown in the United States. A second type of pepper sauce uses the milder yet more delicately flavorful red cayenne pepper that is called simply 'hot sauce'. Cayenne pepper sauces enliven and complement rather than overpower or overheat foods. Both types of peppers are handpicked and processed into a concentrate according to the recipe, then aged for a year or longer prior to blending into a spicy sauce.

Louisiana Gold is served in some of the finest restaurants in Acadiana and is the chef’s choice for a smooth, rich, and more versatile flavor that also has a bite.