Louisiana Gold Challenge

What’sAmerica’s best tasting hot sauce? Ask the culinary experts. They say it’s Louisiana Gold Premium Pepper Sauce. Food & Wine magazine, recognized as one of America’s most trusted food publications, commissioned their top chefs and editors to choose their favorite hot sauces, and Louisiana Gold came out on top. Time after time it beats the competition by providing rich, full flavor without overpowering food.

And, compared to a certain well-know competitor, Louisiana Gold Pepper sauce is 20-25% less expensive. Ours offers superior quality with higher pepper content, delivers a smoother, richer flavor, and never suffers from bitter aftertaste or the heavy-handed use of vinegar. In fact, with its lower price and higher quality, nothing offers a better value than Louisiana Gold.

Developed at the request of restaurant owners, and with a definite upscale flavor in mind, our two flavors represent the Gold Standard among hot sauces. So, we invite you to compare us to that ‘other’ hot sauce and don’t be surprised to discover what Louisiana Gold Pepper Sauces offer:

Superior Flavor – Louisiana Gold delivers more pure pepper flavor and a smoother taste that won’t overpower other recipe ingredients, or your finished dishes. And, unlike some other pepper sauces, there’s never a bitter or abrasive aftertaste.

Higher Quality – Our primary ingredients are peppers – three kinds, all the freshest available, all exclusively blended with no gums and no artificial preservatives or colors. The ‘other’ brand’s primary ingredient? Vinegar.

More Versatility – With both red and green varieties available, Louisiana Gold Pepper Sauces are ideal as a table condiment, even in white tablecloth surroundings. And for specialty recipes on cutting edge menus.

Greater Appeal – Our richer, smoother flavor profile consistently wins in taste tests – even pleasing consumers who don’t normally use hot sauce.

Food & Wine Magazine Article